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1A 1B Its been a long time since the last update but here it is. Its been a long autumn with a lot of knife orders wich is nice since I really like making knives. I have made both utility knives and for exhibitions, both are really fun but its a special feeling when you know that the knife is going to be tested out in the bush. Now the Saami winter market in Jokkmokk is near so a lot of work for that. If you havent visited the Saami market in Jokkmokk I can really recomend it, it has been held every year at the same time for the last 410 years. The 2016market is 4-7 february and the place to be if you are interested in Saami handicraft. This year I will be displaying my work at the Saami Education Center as usual but also in the Saami museum Ajtte. We in the Arbi-Group wich is me and five other really talented Saami handicrafters on tour in Scandinavia will be having an exhibition in the Aja wich is in the Ajtte museum on the opposite side from the main door, so very Worth checking out as well. See you in Jokkmokk!