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A special knife

I have been working as a handicrafter for many years and many projects have come and gone. Some
projects are more fun than others. Sometimes there is projects wich one invests both time and heart
into. This knife is a project like that.
In my area it has been custom to engrave hearts onto objects, especially if they are meant for a
special person like this knife is. It has also been custom to use many thin discs of antler for the handle instead of the wood that
commonly is seen on Saami knives. I have never made a knife like this before but on the other hand I have not had the need to.
It is important to keep the Saami traditions and our special cultural traits alive. We have our
own way of making things and our special way of looking at things, as do all peoples.
A traditon has a lot to tell about a people. We Saami often give each other useful presents, like this knife.
Even if it is a special knife for a special person it is still a utility knife, so it should be nicely done but not so polished that you dont dare using it.
A peoples traditions are important but also the language wich is the innermost part of you that gives
life and colour to your thoughts. That is why I have translated my whole website to Saami. So if
you speak Saami (or wish to learn) then there is now a Saami flag you can click on my homepage.